St.Joseph Sisters Society

In Community

The source of community life is the Trinity. The unity in diversity inspires our Christian and Religious life. A religious community is like leaven present in the world creating consciousness of the Trinitarian Communion.

Strengthened by the Communion of Love of the Holy Trinity and being conscious of our mission as SJT Sisters, we take personal responsibility, to live our Consecration in greater fidelity, sharing the Paschal life of Jesus, experiencing the fullness of joy in the Spirit as we proclaim the Good News and bear witness to the person of Christ, becoming effective Evangelisers.

Our constitution says, “For this, the sisters will gradually build up the community so that it may become, in the image of the Trinity and the home of Nazareth, a place for sharing the Love of God, contemplated and lived” (Const 20).

“We stay together in community not because we have chosen one another, but because we have been chosen by the Lord”.

Great was their happiness when they found themselves together. (Q.C. 29).

As Consecrated SJTs, we participate in Jesus’ mission of Living Communion and bringing about Communion – a union between God, man and universe.

Art.1 from our Constitutions clearly tells about this origin, “…….God wished to penetrate them with His Absoluteness and the free gift of Himself.” Our Foundresses having been open to the guidance of the Spirit developed the strong desire ‘to love and serve God’- which brings out the two aspects of our SJT mission: ‘To be for God and to be for others.’

In Society

Conscious that we participate in the Mission of Jesus and of the Church, and that we are sent by God through our community to bring peace and unity, we want to give ourselves with greater zeal in joyful availability and simplicity like our Foundresses, to all those to whom we are sent, bringing forth the fruits of the Spirit, thus realising our Spiritual motherhood.

Pope Francis puts it: “Mission is a passion for Jesus and at the same time, a passion for His people.’ Even though our Foundresses wanted to be for God Alone in the spirit of the Carmel, yet at the request and the need of the people, they saw the will of God in the wishes of the people, and at the call of obedience, they eagerly went wherever they were called … [Q.C.p12]. This clearly indicates that our call to be SJT missionaries is embedded in our Consecration.