St.Joseph Sisters Society

The proclamation of Jesus’ Mission complements the Socio –Medical ministry. The care of the sick and the needy needs professionalism and tenderness, free gestures, immediate and simple touch through which you feel the other is “precious”.

The SJT Sisters who are involved in the social and medical apostolate try their best to imitate the Mission of Jesus keeping in mind the Charism.


  • To nurture the Spirit of healing and Divine presence in our health care apostolate in order to reach out to the sick and suffering.

Sr Stephanie SJT – The Miracle worker

Sr Stephanie went to nurse the cholera stricken patients and “her name is still revered because of the intrepid charity she displayed … and she went about doing the work of a nurse, even that of a doctor we can say, for she always brought relief, even when she did not cure … One day, a mother brought a little boy who was three years old and had not yet walked. The doctors could do nothing for him. Sr Stephanie sat on a bench, took the little one on her lap, and gently and for a long time caressed the small crippled leg. All of a sudden she said, “let us see if you know how to walk… and she put the child down on the ground. And the child walked”. (History Pgs 128 & 129)

Prayer to Sr Stephanie

Holy Sr Stephanie, you lived a simple and humble life, totally committed in love and service to God and to His people. In your life time almighty God blessed you with the gift healing. The touch of your hands has the power to dispel sickness and restore health.

Dear Sr Stephanie today you are in heaven with the Lord, enjoying His presence and sharing in his love, joy and peace. Look with compassion upon us, who come to you, seeking your help. Come down to us on earth, and touch and heal us, with the infinite tenderness and power of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

In a very special way I bring before you………. for the healing touch of your hand. I believe that you will not turn away from our prayer, but will stretch out your hand and heal us body and spirit in the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen. 

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