St.Joseph Sisters Society

Day after day looking at Jesus the Missionary, with the guidance of Mary our Mother and the protection of St Joseph our Patron, and the blessings of our Holy Foundresses, we go forth to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. “May the Spirit of love ever lead the Congregation towards its providential destiny and keep it always at the service of our Mother Church.”(History)

 “We find the Joy of the Gospel and the Joy of the Mission in our encounter with God, with the Sisters in our communities and with all our brothers and sisters.  God takes the initiative to encounter us and calls us as He did to our Foundresses and all along our history.  “God wished to penetrate them with his absoluteness and the gift of Himself”  (32nd General Chapter Pg 15).

A true SJT missionary is passionate to live the core message of the Gospel –‘Divine Communion’ with all, and inspire and invite all to enter into a personal relationship with Christ.
The Sisters are involved in various ministries like:

Education Apostolate: Education  of children in building up their future. Jesus said,  ” I am the vine you are  the branches. Whoever remains  in me and I in Him will bear much fruit.” Jn 15:5

To make the children bear much fruit, the Sisters with the collaboration of teachers give their best in giving a best gift to the Society. 

Health Care:  The foundation of success in life is good health: that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. After the example of Sr Stephanie SJT, our sisters work day and night in the Health Centres taking care of the sick who come  to them. They are also ready to reach out to the families when the patients are unable to come to the centre.

Social Apostolate: Our Sisters who are Social Workers, care about social injustices committed every day, in the society, behind closed doors and out in the open. They are the ones who care enough to believe they can make the world a better place.

Pastoral ministry: The Sisters are one with the people in catering to the needs of the locality and parishes and substations in faith formation like catechism, preparation for holy communion, confirmation and marriages, visiting the families and the sick and praying with them.