St.Joseph Sisters Society

History of St Joseph’s convent at Madurai

Life at Cheshire home…

We the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes, came to Madurai in the year 1969 to give their selfless service at Cheshire home (Home for the Physically and mentally challenged people) in Madurai Diocese. It was a trust managed by the lay people. Our Sisters served here the disabled people for 40 long years, without counting their pain, struggles and challenges. It was on 12th Nov, 2008 the sisters left Cheshire home as they didn’t wanted the service of the sisters anymore. It was then that our sisters came out in a search looking for our own stand. While living in a rented house at Thirumangalam for two years, they purchased the land about 3.5 acres and put up a convent. Untill the building was ready the sisters stayed in a rented house for two years and gave their selfless service to the differently-abled people in 33 villages through Community based Rehabilitation programme (CBR) which we continue to this day.

St Joseph’s Convent at Thirumangalam that took initiative for CBR for the differently-abled people…

The inauguration of the new convent was on 7th April, 2010 by the Arch Bishop Peter Fernando in the presence of  Rev. Sr Maria Goretti Martis, Provincial. So the members of new community were Sr Anita Eranimos, Sr Magdaline, Sr Josephine Jeyarani, Sr Lourdu Mary, Sr Alex Rani, and Sr Kala. They continued CBR programme.

St Joseph’s Special School

St Joseph’s Special School [Residential] is like a little Garden of God’s love where strengthened by God’s love the Mentally challenged children grow and bloom to the full. The school is named after the name of our institution St. Joseph the foster father of Jesus and our patron Saint. The special School was inaugurated on 26th May, 2011 by the Arch Bishop Peter Fernando in the presence of Rev. Sr Maria Goretti Martis our Provincial, with 12 students, who are mentally challenged. Sr Anita Eranimos was the Animator of the community and Sr Lourdu Mary M was appointed as the Sister –in-charge for the Special school. The special school was Registered and Recognized under State Government on 23.10.2013 and the Reg. Sl. No: 7/3b, 7/5, 7/6, 7/8a 7/8b, 7/9, 7/10, 7/11- as an institution for the Persons with Disabilities vide S.No.271/2014 under the Section 52 of the PWDs Act, 1995. Our Foundressess, always guided by St. Joseph they availed themselves to the needs of the milieu. It’s their spirit which enabled us the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes to give ourselves to these children with special needs. Thus we felt the need to open an institutionalized programme for the mentally challenged children, who are most vulnerable among all the different categories of Differently abled people. It is to Provide an equal opportunities for a better quality life and make them feel confident that they are able in their inability and make their lives worth living. At present there are 33 students and we have CBR programme  in 42 villages for the differently abled . We also provide Educational help to the poor children. And we want to make our special school the garden of God’s love a place for many to come in and gain their life to the full.

St Joseph’s Matriculation School

St Joseph’s  Matriculation school was Blessed by Most Rev Antony Pappusamy, Arch Bishop of Madurai and  inaugurated by Rev. Sr Juliana D’souza  the Provincial on 08.05.2017 as an inclusive set-up for the special school children. Sr Lourdu Mary was the Animator and Correspondent, Sr Kala was appointed as the principal of the school. Initially it was Nursery and Primary school. In the year 2019-2020 it was up-graded as Matriculation school from LKG to VIII std. This inclusive set-up is appreciated by everybody where the special children have their equal opportunity to learn and become independent.

Srs Maryia Prasanna, Ramya Allu, Petsi M, Perianayagammal, Nirmala P, Kalai Selvi, Lourdu Mary