St.Joseph Sisters Society


History of the place:

Doddagajanur is a village situated in Thalavadi in Erode district. Doddagajanur has an interesting and unique history. It is a place where there were many wild animals specially the herds of Elephants, and they were found on the road and outskirts of the village. People were frightened to see the big elephants moving around. So they named the place as Dodda(big) gaja (Elephant)  uru(place) in  Kannada called Doddagajanur.  The place is surrounded by greenery and rich vegetation where the farmers grow Ragi, Jewar, Maize, Saffron, Sugarcane, vegetable and pulses. People are economically poor but very hardworking. Some of them rear cows and sheep.

History of  the community:

The community was started in 1961 by the Ursaline Franciscan Sisters. The Sisters were working in Tamil Medium Primary School and they were running a boarding for the girls. Then in 2007 they left the place and it was vacant for 2 years. In 2009 the Bishop of Ootacamund invited the Sisters of St Joseph of Tarbes to take up the mission at Doddagajanur. The Sisters responded positively to his invitation and started the community on 27/05/2009 known as St Joseph’s Convent. The Bishop of Ooty Rt. Rev. Dr. Amalraj inaugurated the house by lighting the lamp.


Sr. Jeyarani A  (Animator)

Sr. Helen Pais (Late)

Sr. Irudaya Mary

Sr. Alex Rani

Sr. Gracy P J

Sr. Leena D Souza

Sr. Philomena D Souza

Sr. Sebastiammal



 Sr Mary  Vasantha

Sr Bertha

Sr Gertrude

Sr Jessintha D’ Silva





Educational ministry

Health Ministry:

Rev. Fr. Benedict the parish priest blessed the dispensary and it came into existence on 7th August 2013 under the care of Sr. Mary Mathew.  


There was already an existing building for the girls boarding which was non functional and was in very poor condition.  After the renovation of this building we started the girls’ hostel known as St. Joseph’s girls’ hostel. It was blessed on 28th Nov 2017.


 Widows and destitute