St.Joseph Sisters Society


Mahindi Michaelpattanam  is a village in Mudukulathur belonging to Sivagangai Diocese in Ramanathapuram  District. At the request of the Bishop Edward Francis this community was started in this village on July 5th 1990, with Srs Anita Eranimos, Deva Sagaya Mary and Vita Lobo as pioneers.

               It is a catholic village with 200 families. Most of them come for daily Mass. They are hardworking people. Their economic condition is not very low. The Diocese runs a school up to 8th standard. One  of our sisters work in that school as second Grade teacher. We were invited to this village because of the need for medical facilities.The sisters answer the need of the milieu through their active participation in pastoral, social, education and medical apostolate.Our service is not only for this village but also to the neighbouring villages in the form of medical and organizational work.

The sisters started their Mission in a rented house in the village.They stayed there and worked till the new convent was built.The blessing of the new building was on August 18th 1993. The sisters moved to the new building on September 15th1993. On the same day the health centre started functioning. The people of this area  were happy to have the health centre and the sisters in their village.

 The Mission of Jesus continues till now. The pioneers have started and the sisters continue to improve the situation both in education and the healing ministry.

The present community 2021

Srs Rajeshwari Raju, Daisy Paulraj, Michaelammal and Leema Therese